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We empower individuals with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions regarding their health and body

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Like many companies, Tier 1 came about through the relationship of like-minded people and a burning desire to fill a void in the market.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable, accessible and evidence based approach in addressing the health needs of the community. With that in mind we have synthesised the worlds of medicine, medical research and bio-science to build a framework to create that vision.

Through our travels and various working lives across the fields of research, academia and the health care system we saw that a holistic approach was not being taken which left gaps in the system and boxes unchecked.

Tier 1 was founded with the intent to connect the circle and complete the link. The approach taken is to use scientific evidence to blend the mind with the body and keep everything in natural order.

The company has experts in medicine, nutrition and physiotherapy and we are combining years of experience to deliver a holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

We also wanted to create a fun environment that encourages community participation and social cohesion. We are incredibly excited to go on this journey and would be delighted if you joined us.



Dr Alok Narayan

Dr Narayan, a medical doctor, with a range of experience from working in the emergency department to consulting with elite sporting teams. 

"I see a problem with our health system where we work well in the acute stage of an illness or injury, but a holistic approach is not taken. I joined Tier 1 Training as the foundations around movement, nutrition and community align with my values. If my clients were to see a 10% improvement in these areas, they would see much better results

Dr Radhika Seimon

Dr Radhika, a medical researcher, focuses primarily on obesity, nutrition and weight loss. 

"Working in research for 13 years, I noticed a gap between evidenced-based approaches and translation into practice  Joining Tier 1 Training gives me the opportunity to help implement best practice in nutritional guidance at the ground level"

Tien Nguyen

Tien, a dual titled Sports and Musculoskeletal physiotherapist, who graduated from the University of South

Australia. He has an extensive work portfolio that includes injury management consulting, working at rehabilitation centres and industrial physiotherapy. His passion is to restore and improve people’s movement dysfunction.


"I believe that everyone has the capacity to move well and live well. Given the right guidance everyone can maximise their participation and consequently achieve a higher quality of life"

Tarosh Jacob

Tarosh has been in academia for over seven years designing and teaching courses for psychology, economics and communication.


"Far too often I see that we are aware of what to do but fail to follow through. Tier One gives me the opportunity to oversee how people will engage with different bodies of knowledge to empower themselves and make lasting change"

Sally Castell

Sally is a great advocate of healthy living for seniors. Her goal is to create positive attitudes around exercise and ageing while giving her clients the best possible advice in regards to healthy living as they grow older.

She has a background in physiotherapy, recreational therapy and health education and has worked in various health departments and for NGO’S. With this experience Sally is in the ideal position to provide great advice and guidance on health issues and exercise programs that are relevant and safe for the less active and able person. 

Michael Hennesy

Michael has a passion for the outdoors, he likes to run marathons, engage in adventure races, rock climbing, mountain biking and trail running. He is also a health writer and contributes to several magazines and online publications. 
He is a passionate runner and running coach and believes that helping others reach their potential is the best and most fulfilling part of his job. He has his bachelor of Applied Science and his Certificate III and IV in fitness as well as being a Level 2 event coach for Athletics Australia.

Alfred Asirvadham

Alfred has been actively involved in competitive sport for over 20 years. His background is in Community Services and working with disadvantaged and disengaged youth which have made him aware how effective exercise is in treating mental health issues.


For him, fitness is a way of helping his clients to overcome physical and psychological barriers.
His goal is to help his clients improve their mobility, confidence and motivation in order to improve their overall quality of life.


Alfred's training programs are designed to be enjoyable and challenging and something you look forward to. He specialises in Functional high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and boxing.

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