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Alfred Asirvadham

Founder and Lead Trainer


Growing up I always had a love for fitness and helping others. Having to deal overcome numerous health issues I identified with those who needed a little bit of a helping hand. Beginning my career in community services 8 years ago I started at the grassroots level of support worker and movinging into casework and middle management. As I continued my journey in non for profits I grew frustrated at the lack of vision, sustainability and results in non for profit was getting with their clients.

Constantly looking outside of the box I qualified as a personal trainer in an attempt to build rapport more effectively with his clients. I soon found that exercise began to yield amazing results and looked for opportunities to incorporate this into his work. 

Realizing that many non for profits struggle with efficiency and sustainability I began studying commerce with the end goal in mind of creating a social enterprise – a business with a purpose. While studying and working in community service and as a fitness trainer identified that there are key gaps in the health and fitness industry

  1. Young peoples self image is being shaped by unattainable and unrealistic body shapes and sizes

  2. Young people have body image issues which directly relate to media influences

  3. Young people are misguided on what a nutritious meal is

  4. Mental health can be positively affected by exercise

  5. The over 50 population is neglected in the health industry

  6. With an aging population in Australia, it is essential that an intervention around health and fitness is made soon.

Why am I passionate about Tier 1 Training what is the vision?

I am passionate about Tier 1 Training as it gives me an opportunity to combine my two loves. Helping people and fitness I believe that mental health can be positively influenced by exercise and can increase the quality of life of individuals dramatically. This does need to be balanced with education on health so it does not lead to body dysmorphia issues or other unhealthy issues associated with body image. I am passionate about creating a balance between the two to create positive results for the community.


As the founder, it is my responsibility to bring the vision I have for Tier 1 Training to life. This includes creating systems and bringing on the right people who can contribute to the vision of creating the best services for our clients.

Knowledge and Skills

Having struggled in formal education systems through schooling and adult life I acquired my knowledge from numerous VET courses including Youth Work, business, fitness and teaching. Experience gained in these fields has assisted in creating the vision for Tier 1 Training as well as giving unique insights into various client groups. I have continued to engage in higher education and am on the verge of finishing a bachelor of Commerce.  


Dr Alok Narayan


Alok has worked in various forms of health from the emergency department to consulting with rugby teams star recruits on the best form of treatment. Alok has a goal for his client which is for clients to be happy and healthy along with having the knowledge to make informed decisions in regards to their health. 

"I see a problem with our health system where we work well in the acute stage of an illness or an injury but a holistic approach is not taken after. I joined Tier 1  Training as its foundations around movement, nutrition and community align with my values. If my clients were to only have a 10 percent improvement in these three aspects they would have much better results."  

Radhika Seimon.jfif

Dr Radhika Seimon

Medical Research

A medical researcher who has had a focus on obesity and weight loss, Radhika has conducted groundbreaking clinical trial and spoken and prestigious  health conferences around the world,

"After working in research for eight years I have noticed a gap between best practice evidenced-based approaches and what is prescribed at the ground level. Joining Tier 1 Training gives me the opportunity to help implement best practice in nutritional guidance at the ground level. A personal goal is to gave people more aware of Australia's guide to healthy eating


Tien Nguyen


I am a dual titled Sports and Musculoskeletal physiotherapist, whom graduated from University of 

South Australia in 1999.  In the last 20 years I have had an extensive work portfolio from private 

practices, sports coverage, rehabilitation centre, hospital, to teaching and now injury management 

consulting as onsite industrial physiotherapist and specialist centre.  I have a firm commitment 

towards professional development and in particular evidence based practice in movement 

dysfunction and pain science.  My passion is to restore and improve people’s movement dysfunction.  

I believe that everyone has the capacity to move well and to live.  I am of the opinion that given the 

right guidance everyone can maximise their participation in life and consequently a better quality oflife. 

The team at Tier 1 training utilises an integrated model of service which incorporates health 

professionals with expertise and passion to help our clients restore and improve their physical 

function in a safe and supportive environment.  We incorporate an eclectic and holistic service 

model which is based on the biopsychosocial model (i.e. mind, body and understanding). By using 

evidence based practice we ensure the most contemporary of approaches which is supported by 

research and clinical experiences.   

My role as the consulting physiotherapist is to provide contemporary knowledge on assessing client’s 

physical balance, and to identify and mitigate any clinical precautions which may be barriers to the 

client’s success.  I will assist with developing and progress the exercise programs, which can cater for 

the need of the target group.  I will provide clinical support to the personal trainer to assist with 

tailoring and creating individualised program if needed. 

As mentioned before I have had an eclectic work history.  Listed below are some of the highlights: 

●Master of Physiotherapy (Sports & Musculoskeletal) 

●Bachelor of Physiotherapy  

●Graduate Diploma in OH&S Management (Adelaide University) 

●AIS Sports Level 3, ACT 

●Senior Clinician at Outpatient Department at Western Hospital, Vic 

●Senior Physiotherapy (Neuro) at St John’s Hospital, Tas 

●Clinical Educator for Melbourne University (3rd and 4th year Physiotherapy) – orthopaedics  

●Clinical Educator for University of South Australia (4th year Physiotherapy) – OH&S 

●Golf Athletes Level 1 and 2 

●Club Physiotherapy for SAASL (MA Hawks Football Club) and NPLSA (Adelaide City Women 

Football Club)  



●Accredited RTWSA coordinator  


Tarosh Jacob

Learning and Development

Tarosh has been in academia for over 7 years teaching and designing courses from psychology, economics and communication. A passionate educator Tarosh aims to empower individuals and organizations in helping not only students but clients learn and use the material. 

"Far too often I see that we are aware of what to do and why to do but we still don't follow through. Joining Tier 1 Training gives me the opportunity to look at different ways people will engage in different bodies of knowledge and begin to empower themselves to make lasting change.

Furthermore, I am concerned about the stress that is being placed on our resources an infrastructure due to preventable health conditions. I see Tier 1 Training as an opportunity where change can be created from the individual to the government and I am excited to be apart of company. "