Tier 1 Training has done considerable research into the ageing process and has created programs designed for the changing needs of your body. You may not always be aware of all the gradual changes your body is going through. Some of the common changes that can occur are:

Osteoporosis, which increases fracture risk;
Hormonal changes, which affect body composition such as an increase in fat mass and decrease in bone mineral density;

Decrease is metabolic rate;

Decrease in heart health, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. 

Our programs include strength training for coordination, heart health and metabolism that will help you stay on top of your changing needs. Group size is capped at 18 people in order to ensure that we can give you all the attention you need. 

Training gives you access to as many Group Classes as you like!


Classes take place at our partner gym HIPE ATHLETIC - Camperdown. See map below.

CLASSES START 6th of January!!!!

Classes include:

  • Strength training 

  • Muscular Endurance 

  • Yoga 

  • Aerobic Fitness

  • Access to the Tier 1 Training App (this gives you exclusive access to workouts, videos, nutrition guidance and enables you to track your progress as well as food intake)


This price is for the first 20 members only! 

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